AbcamCarrier-free (BSA, sodium azide, glycerol free) formulation antibody


Carrier-free formulations for recombinant RabMAb® antibodies

효율적인 antibody labeling, functional assay, sELISA 를 위한 

다양한 carrier-free Recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibody를 

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BSA와 azide는 antibody의 안정성과 오염 방지를 위한 필수 요소 이지만, 효소나 형광, metal 등을 conjugation 할 때에는 방해가 됩니다.

  • BSA : label 대상에 primary antibody와 경쟁적으로 결합
  • Sodium azide : 세포에 유독한 성분으로 작용, antibody의 conjugation을 방해하고 HRP 활성을 제한

이러한 이유로 carrier의 사용이 conjugation의 효율을 급감시키거나 cell culture에 사용이 제한될 수 있습니다.

abcam 에서는, 이러한 단점을 극복하고 다양한 실험에 적용이 가능한  carrier-free 형태의 antibody를 공급합니다.


  • BSA-free, sodium azide-free, and glycerol-free
  • Supplied at higher concentration (1 mg/mL in 100 µg size)
  • Ready for conjugation to fluorochromes, metals, and enzymes
  • Ideal for CyTOF ® and multiplex IHC
  • Low endotoxin (<1EU/ml) options available


  • Mass cytometry (CyTOF ®) is a novel flow cytometry platform that uses metal-conjugated antibodies to characterize and quantify more than 40 parameters simultaneously at the single cell level.
  • Imaging Mass Cytometry combines the advantages of metal-conjugated antibodies and immunohistochemical/ immunocytochemical methods to study cell-cell interactions at the subcellular resolution and delineate tumor heterogeneity.
  • Carrier-free antibody pairs for immunoassays All include a recombinant capture and detector antibody pair, suitable for ELISA-based assays.


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