Cosmo BioHVJ Envelope Transfection and Cell Fusion Kits


Cell Fusion & Cell Transfection Kit

GenomeONE™  series

  • HVJ-E(Hemagglutinating virus of Japan Envelope, inactivated Sendai virus)를 이용
  • Membrane fusion 방식
  • Transfection 적용 - Plasmid DNAs, siRNAs, oligonucleotides, proteins 등

  GenomeONE™ – Neo Ex
    HVJ-E Transfection Kit
    for introduction of DNA, siRNA and Protein


   Inhibition of spindle orientation through Eg5 knock down (HT1080 cell/red: DNA, green: α-tubulin).

  GenomeONE™ – CF Ex
    HVJ-E Cell Fusion Kit


  Cell fusion with GenomONE-CF EX (HVJ-E Cell Fusion Kit) (time course of 67 minutes)
  BHK-21 cells labeled with red and green fluorescent dyes incubated at 37℃ in the presence of HVJ-E and observed under a confocal laser
  scanning microscope.


  HVJ-E: Hemagglutinating virus of Japan (Sendai virus) envelope

HVJ-E (inactivated Sendai virus)란?

  • HVJ-E는 완벽하게 불활성화 되어 있고, Sendai virus envelope protein의 cell membrane-fusing 능력만을   가지고 있습니다.
  • HN protein이 cell membrane의 receptor를 인식하여 흡수하고, F protein에 의해 membrane fusion이   일어나게 됩니다.
  • 전통적인 virus를 이용한 transfection 방법은 endocytosis를 통하여 이루어 지기 때문에 lysosome에 의한   transffered DNA의 분해가 일어나지만, HVJ-E vector는 이에 대한 저항성이 있기 때문에 specific DNA 전달이   더 용이하며, 높은 yield로 유전자 발현 효율도 높습니다.

1. siRNA transfection
in vitro:
Primary T cell (Human peripheral blood)
Primary cardiac myocyte (Rat cardiac myocyte)
Differentiated C2C12 (Mouse myoblast)
monkey ES cells
Min6 (Mouse pancreatic (BETA) cell)
U937 (Human myelomonocytic cell)
in vivo:
Intradermally transplanted human cervix cancer /HeLa (SCID mouse)
Submandibular gland (rat)

2. Protein delivery
in vivo:
Primary macrophage (C3H mouse peritoneal resident)
Swiss 3T3 cell (Mouse embryonic fibroblasts)
in vivo:
Nucleus tractus solitarius (Rat brain)

3. Oligo DNA transfection
in vitro:
Primary HDMECs (Human dermal microvascular endothelial cell)
Primary CD34+ cell (Human blood)
in vivo:
Uterus (Mouse)
Skin, ear lobe(Mouse)
Lung (Mouse)

4. Plasmid DNA transfection
in vivo:
Palatal periodontal tissue (Rat)
Myocardium (Rat heart)
Lung (neonatal porcine)
Subcutaneously transplanted human colon cancer /LoVo (nude mouse)

Ordering information

Cat no.
Intended use
GenomONE™-CF EX SeV-E (HVJ-E) 1 vial Cell Fusion Reagents
For hybridoma preparation and other cell fusion procedures
GenomONE™-Neo EX HVJ-E 1 vial Transfection Reagents
GenomONETM -Neo EX is a non-viral reagent for transfection, Unique, efficient transfection of siRNA, DNA oligonucleotides, proteins. Low toxicity with primary cells. Protocols for in vivo transfection.
GenomONE™-Neo EX HVJ-E 4 vial Transfection Reagents