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2017-08-09 15:29
Minisart® Syringe Filter

Syringe Filter Selection Guide

Sample Preparation for Analytics
Reliable removal of Particles and Microorganisms from Liquids and Gases

Ordering Information

Minisart® RC (Regenerated Cellulose)

ø ㎜MembraneHousingPore SizeConnector OutletColor/PrintingSterile*Qty/PkCat no
25 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedYes5017764-ACK
25 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017764-K
25 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo20017764-S
25 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017764-Q
25 ㎜RCPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017765-K
25 ㎜RCPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo20017765-S
25 ㎜RCPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017765-Q
15 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedYes5017761-ACK
15 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017761-K
15 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017761-Q
15 ㎜RCPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017762-K
15 ㎜RCPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017762-Q
4 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipBlue TrayNo5017821-K
4 ㎜RCPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipBlue TrayNo50017821-Q
4 ㎜RCPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipYellow TrayNo5017822-K
4 ㎜RCPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipYellow TrayNo50017822-Q

Minisart® SRP (Hydrophobic PTFE)

ø ㎜MembraneHousingPore SizeConnector OutletColor/PrintingSterile*Qty/PkCat no
25 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedYes5017575-ACK
25 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017575-K
25 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo20017575-S
25 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017575-Q
25 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017576-K
25 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo20017576-S
25 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017576-Q
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male SpikeWhite, PrintedNo5017558-K
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male SpikeWhite, PrintedNo50017558-Q
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedYes5017573-ACK
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017573-K
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017573-Q
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male SpikeWhite, PrintedNo5017559-K
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male SpikeWhite, PrintedNo50017559-Q
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5017574-K
15 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017574-Q
4 ㎜PTFEPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipBlue TrayNo50017844-Q
4 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipYellow TrayNo5017820-K
4 ㎜PTFEPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipYellow TrayNo50017820-Q

Minisart® NY (Nylon) & NY25 Plus (Glass Fiber 1.2 ㎛ + Nylon)

ø ㎜MembraneHousingPore SizeConnector OutletColor/PrintingSterile*Qty/PkCat no
25 ㎜NylonPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedYes5017845-ACK
25 ㎜NylonPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017845-Q
25 ㎜NylonPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedYes5017846-ACK
25 ㎜NylonPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo50017846-Q
15 ㎜NylonPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo501776B-K
15 ㎜NylonPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5001776B-Q
15 ㎜NylonPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo501776C-K
15 ㎜NylonPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5001776C-Q
25 ㎜Nylon+GFPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo501784B-K
25 ㎜Nylon+GFPP0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5001784B-Q
25 ㎜Nylon+GFPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo501784C-K
25 ㎜Nylon+GFPP0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhite, PrintedNo5001784C-Q

*Sterile Minisarts are individually packaged. If not stated otherwise, Minisarts have been sterilized by ethylene oxide.
Minisarts NOT presterilized: RC, PTFE and Nylon can be sterilized by autoclaving at 121°C for 30 min/or by using ethylene oxide (EO).

Filtration of Aqueous Liquids – Clarification | Sterilization
Filtration is the Optimal Methodfor Clarification and Sterilization of Liquids.

Ordering Information

Minisart® High Flow (PES - Polyethersulfone)

ø ㎜MembraneHousingPore SizeConnector OutletColor/PrintingSterile*Qty/PkCat no
28 ㎜PESMBS0.1 ㎛Male Luer LockDark RedYes5016553-K
28 ㎜PESMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockRoyal BlueYes#5016532-GUK
28 ㎜PESMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockRoyal BlueYes5016532-K
28 ㎜PESMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipRoyal BlueYes5016541-K
28 ㎜PESMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockRoyal BlueNo50016532-Q
28 ㎜PESMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipRoyal BlueNo50016541-Q
28 ㎜PESMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer LockAmberYes5016537-K
28 ㎜PESMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer LockAmberNo50016537-Q
28 ㎜PESMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipAmberYes#5016533-GUK
28 ㎜PESMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipAmberYes5016533-K
28 ㎜PESMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipAmberNo50016533-Q

Minisart® NML (SFCA - Surfactant-free Cellulose Acetate)

ø ㎜MembraneHousingPore SizeConnector OutletColor/PrintingSterile*Qty/PkCat no
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockBlueYes5016534-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockBlueYes#5016534-GUK
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockBlueNo50016534-Q
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipBlueYes5017597-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipBlueNo50017597-Q
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer LockYellowYes5016555-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer LockYellowYes#5016555-GUK
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer LockYellowNo50016555-Q
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipYellowYes5017598-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer SlipYellowNo50017598-Q
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.65 ㎛Male Luer SlipPinkYes5016569-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.8 ㎛Male Luer LockGreenYes5016592-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.8 ㎛Male Luer LockGreenYes#5016592-GUK
28 ㎜SFCAMBS0.8 ㎛Male Luer LockGreenNo50016592-Q
28 ㎜SFCAMBS1.2 ㎛Male Luer LockRedYes5017593-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS1.2 ㎛Male Luer LockRedNo50017593-Q
28 ㎜SFCAMBS5 ㎛Male Luer LockBrownYes5017594-K
28 ㎜SFCAMBS5 ㎛Male Luer LockBrownNo50017594-Q

Minisart® NML Plus (Glass Fiber 1.2 μm + SFCA)

ø ㎜MembraneHousingPore SizeConnector OutletColor/PrintingSterile*Qty/PkCat no
28 ㎜GF+SFCAMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockBlueYes5017823-K
28 ㎜GF+SFCAMBS0.2 ㎛Male Luer LockBlueNo50017823-Q
28 ㎜GF+SFCAMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer LockYellowYes5017829-K
28 ㎜GF+SFCAMBS0.45 ㎛Male Luer LockYellowNo50017829-Q
28 ㎜GF+SFCAMBS1.2 ㎛Male Luer LockRedNo50017825-Q
28 ㎜GFMBS1.2 ㎛Male Luer LockWhiteNo5017824-K
28 ㎜GFMBS1.2 ㎛Male Luer LockWhiteNo50017824-Q
28 ㎜GFMBS1.2 ㎛Male Luer SlipWhiteNo50017856-Q

*Sterilized Minisarts are individually packaged. If not stated otherwise, Minisarts are sterilized by ethylene oxide.
#-Mark indicates sterilization by gamma irradiation.
Minisarts NOT presterilized: PES, SFCA, GF+SFCA and GF can be sterilized by ethylene oxide or gamma irradiation.

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